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CONRAD – Radiographic Research Centre – connected to University College Lillebaelt, Department of Radiography.

On a daily basis run by:


Marianne Gellert
Research Centre Manager
Phone: +4521287307

Mia K. Andersen
Research Centre Consultant
Phone: +4524957040

What do we do?

CONRAD develops and disseminates knowledge on radiography in cooperation with practice and research environments as well as trades and industries.

Our primary tasks are:

  • Establishing and dissemination of interdisciplinary projects.
  • Development and promotion of supplementary training, further education, seminars etc.
  • Further development of CONRAD’s laboratories as a domain for learning, research and projects.


Why are we here?

The purpose of CONRAD is to contribute to the development of the profession. These days, the technological development creates new possibilities and challenges. The role of the radiographer is continuously redefined and further developed.

We think that CONRAD possesses the conditions for playing a central role in this development, for instance we have:

  • Image diagnostic laboratories, where knowledge can be developed and tested.
  • Employees with core competence within central areas of radiography.
  • An extensive network across the profession.

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