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The CT laboratory offers many possibilities within research and experimenting.

In the CT lab a 4-slice CT scanner is placed as well as an extra working station for image processing.


Examples on CT lab usage

To mention a few examples on the possibilities within the CT lab:

  • Flexible user interface making it possible to experiment with different parameters.
  • Advanced image processing, also from other CT scanners.
  • Comparison of image material exposed on different CT scanners
  • Examine the relation between dose and image quality
    Radiation protection studies


About the CT scanner

  • Product: Toshiba Aquilion
  • Multi slice Spiral full body CT scanner (4 slice)
  • Isotropic voxels
  • 0,5 mm – 10 mm slice size



  • Vitrea 2 (3D diagnostic working station)
  • Reconstructions (MPR, MIP, Endoscopic 3D, etc.)

The scanner is integrated with CONRAD’s RIS/PACS system, EasyViz.

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