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Customized for education and projects

The Research Centre RIS/PACS system, EasyViz can accumulate authentic images from hospitals. Thousand of images are already in the archive representing all modalities. Thus the potential for comparable studies is enormous.

About the image archive

In EasyViz patient data is anonymous. Every patient is given a fictive name. If the same patient is due for another examination the same name is given. This enables us to follow the patient throughout the process. Information on the patient’s gender and age is also available.

Documents such as referring, epicrisis and description are connected to the images.


Radiograf pc skærm højWork with your own images

The Research Centre lab is connected to EasyViz.

The images from X-ray, Ultra sound, CT- or MR- labs are ready for analysis within seconds from the exposure.


Equipment and facilities

EasyViz is installed in a total of 31 computers located in different rooms.

The EasyViz room, which is the largest, contains 16 computers. The room is designed for educating with interactive board (Smart board) and can thus be used as a conference room.

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