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Ultra Sound lab

In the ultra sound lab we have three scanners, which individually lives up to international standard.

Examples on Ultra sound lab usage

The scanners have different transducers, which provide a possibility for abdominal, obstetric and muscular skeletal studies. Furthermore the scanners can be used for extremity vascular studies, e.g. DVT

Equipment and facilities

The ultra sound lab is designed as a hospital room with to work top tables and two beds.

We have a total of 3 ultra sound machines (Siemens Acuson X300). The equipment is mounted with:

  • Ordinary ultra sound
  • Colour Doppler
  • Harmonic imaging


  • Low frequency transducers for the deeper structures (CH5-2 Curved Array)
  • High frequency transducers for superficial structures (VF13-5 Linear Array)

The ultra sound lab is integrated with CONRAD’s RIS/PACS system, EasyViz.

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